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Enviroshake Inc.'s Product Lines
Enviroshake and Enviroshingle are both composite roofing products that are designed to authentically replicate the look of natural weathered cedar roofing materials.

Enviroshake is designed to replicate a taper sawn cedar shake, and is meant to be installed at a 9" exposure. Enviroshake offers a thick cedar shake look.

Enviroshake is available in 8 different profiles (all bundles are pre-shuffled to include a mixture of profiles). Every shake is 20" long, and 12" wide with the thickness at the butt being " and the thickness at the tip being 1/8". Each shake weighs approximately 2 lbs.Enviroshake is installed at a 9" exposure, and can be installed on roof slopes 2:12 and greater. All ridge caps are custom made for each project (available in 3/12 through 16/12 pitch, and come in bundles of 10).

Enviroshake Options

Classic Silvered Cedar

The authentic look of a 3-4 year old silvered cedar shake roof.

Aged Cedar

The darker grey tones found in a 10-12 year old cedar shake roof.


The best of both worlds, combining silvered grey and darker grey colors installed in an alternating pattern to achieve the authentic look of an ageing cedar shake roof.*With our multi-tone look, the shakes will weather over time and the disparity in the two tones will be reduced. As we use recycled material and natural fibres, the final tones may not exactly resemble those in the pictures.
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