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3 Warning Signs That Your Siding is Failing

Installing new vinyl siding is one of the simplest ways to completely restore and enhance your homes look. Fresh new siding can take the worn and outdated look out of your home and turn it back to modern and striking again. "The latest vinyl siding styles can also simulate just about any design feature", says a contractor that's been siding & Roofing North Vancouver for many years.

Nevertheless, siding isnt just about looks. It also acts as your homes main defense from moisture. If your siding is starting to get old, replacing it can help prevent mold, mildew, and rot from producing thousands of dollars in renovation costs in the future. New siding is also much easier to clean and maintain.

How to Know When the Time Has Come for New Siding

Unsure if you should have your siding repaired or replaced? Here are three warning signs that your siding is due for a renovation.


    If youve observed homes from past decades, you may have noticed vinyl siding that has become blistered or bubbled. Its not a good look, and why many people get turned off to the thought of vinyl on their home.

    Nevertheless, its essential to recognize vinyl made in past decades from its modern equivalent. Todays vinyl is stronger, more enduring and resistant to severe weather and temperature fluctuations. Vinyl produced decades ago just cant face a blazing hot sunny day or frigid sub-zero temperatures like newer materials can. Luckily, modern building techniques and materials provide vinyl that can appear new for decades. If you happen to notice a decent amount of blistering and bubbling on tour old siding, we suggest you replace it soon.


    Over the course of time, siding can become warped and start to look rippled. Its unpleasant, to say the least, but it can also present an entryway for water. In some instances, a shoddy installation could be the culprit.In other circumstances, the siding has just reached it's time and is starting to sag. A qualified expert for siding and Roof Repair in North Vancouver can assist you to conclude if your siding is beyond repair.


    In some situations, harsh storms can produce hail damage. Powerful winds can push hail sideways and hurl it into the siding on your home, leading to dings, dents, chips, and cracks. While just a few dings and dents dont necessarily look that great, they usually wont produce any moisture damage. But, cracks and chips can leave the underlying structure susceptible to water intrusion. Examine your home frequently and keep an eye on any chipping and cracking that occurs.


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January 27, 2019
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